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01/02/2021 Week Five

Maths Lesson Week 5 Lesson 1




Today's lesson will teach Active and Passive Voice - a year 6 learning objective. The use of passive voice is a formal tool that should be used in our non-chronological report writing. If you did this lesson on Friday, you obviously don't need to repeat it today but please ensure the work has been completed and submitted to Mrs G


  • You should watch the PowerPoint  (in slide show mode),
  • then watch the Smoke seller and complete the activity within.
  • There is also a worksheet to complete
  • and a further explanation video if you need it.



Below is the link to the French page on our class page. You should complete the next French lesson which is at the top of the page.


This links to the last French lesson that you did. 





Bonjour Classe 6,

The French lesson this time will be a fairly short one.

If you have not done last week's lesson, only focus on it (you will find it below this lesson).

You will find a few conjunctions and a few sentences examples. The main goal is to use the sentences you wrote last week and link them with a conjunction.

May I remind you to keep all your French work so that whenever we are back, we can stick everything in our books. I will need that to give a comment on your French in June. Thanks.

Bonne chance !


M. Maillard