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01/03/2021 Week Eight

Maths Lesson Week 7 - Lesson 1



I'm aware that the activity says 'Y5'. This is due to it being a recap lesson regarding volume as it's been such a long time since you would have covered it.



Maths Teaching PowerPoint



Today you should be writing the next section/page of your project about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.


Similarly to the last one, it should be roughly 1-2 pages. Contain writing and pictures. It can be written on Word/Publisher or hand written.


Note: Please choose a sensible font, don't write in something which is very cursive and squiggly. Choose something simple like Calibri. 


You do not need to send me this as you will be bringing it in next week to show me and stick into your topic books.


Use the link provided below which takes you back to a previous class page to use the links I provided. 


If you would like to find your own information, please use as a child friendly search engine.



World Book Day


World Book Day at St Teresa's will be deferred until Thursday, 18th March so we can all be together to celebrate it. Further details will follow.

Reading Skills Activity


This week, we are going to follow an Oak Academy Reading Unit, Greenling by Levi Pinfold. It is 5 lessons long (not 4 as indicated.) Watch the video IN FULL and complete the tasks set by Ms Johnson. Please ensure captions are OFF. 


Today's lesson is: Lesson 1- Engage with the text