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Maths Lesson Week 5 Lesson 2



I would like you to research an animal of your choice, this will form the basis of a non-chronological report you will be writing tomorrow.


It is important that you find lots of facts that you RE-WRITE and not copy (into your own words). 


You will be using the lessons that you have been watching online as a basis of your work, therefore, it was important that you completed them and completed the activities that were required.


I suggest you research the following about your chosen animal:


Has it evolved/adapted at all?




Are there many different types of this specific animal and where are they native to?

Are they wanted for a specific reason? I.e. elephants for their tusks. What is being done to protect them?



Find lots of facts and write them down, It's important to have a variety of written facts and statistics (which involve numbers).

Religious Education

Can you spot all examples of the seven Sacraments in this piece of art?

After this, draw around your hand.


Label on each finger/thumb an example of what is important to do whilst at Mass. (There will be different things you should be doing at different points).

RE Lesson Week 5

Reading Skills Activity


Read my non-chronological report of a made-up creature, The Sprot Gozzler. There are two versions, one annotated and one plain (although the texts are the same.)


Task 1: Once you have read the report, highlight the use of passive voice, either printing out the first page  and annotating it or copying the examples of passive voice into your book. Remember that to identify passive voice, you are looking for the verb "to be" ( am, is, are, was, were) and the past participle (-ed form of verb or irregular verb ending) and to ensure it is passive ( the object comes before the subject) apply the test of adding "by zombies"  to see if it makes sense. 

e.g) The thieves were caught (by zombies)

The apple was eaten (by zombies)

The painting is finished (by zombies) 


Task 2: 

Make a list of magpie'd phrases that will help you with your own non-chronological report, sentence starters,  technical vocabulary etc. The annotated copy of the text might help in this task as some useful vocabulary and phrases are highlighted. Ensure you are selecting transferable phrases not specific to my creature.


e.g) Over 150 years ago, in the depths of Savernake Forest, the sprot gozzler was first discovered by intrepid scientists as they explored the flora and fauna.     X

Not all the information above is transferable. But some of the format could be useful as shown below.


e.g) Over .......years ago, in the depths of ....

e.g) the ........... was discovered.