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Maths Lesson Week 7 Lesson 3

Maths Teaching PowerPoint



Today you will be continuing with your project.


I would like you to do the next 1-2 pages in it about your next chosen category/research topic about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.


Please ensure that you are not just copy and pasting. Make sure you are re-writing it into your own words. You can continue to use pictures to give examples of what you are writing about.


This section should also be 1-2 pages of pictures and writing. 

Reading Skills Activity


This week, we are going to follow an Oak Academy Reading Unit, Greenling by Levi Pinfold. It is 5 lessons long (not 4 as indicated.) Watch the video IN FULL and complete the tasks set by Ms Johnson. Please ensure captions are OFF. 


Today's lesson is: Lesson 2 - To Analyse Character