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As I am currently unavailable due to a meeting from 9:30-12:30 in school, there will be no maths video today. Please look through the Teaching PowerPoint and watch the video there - access through Vimeo. This is provided by the people who create our maths scheme and will be equally good as me teaching.

Maths Teaching PowerPoint



For today, you will be continuing with your project about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.


It should be coming on quite nicely at this point and should be nearing the 750 word limit. That being said, you still have another category/chosen research area that you are going to be doing in addition to the one today.


Friday will be a conclusion/ending for the project.


Please ensure you are continuing to write it into your own words, finding pictures and making sure it's relevant.


These will be brought in next Monday to stick into your Topic books.


Reading Skills Activity


We have reached day 3 of Oak Academy's reading unit based on The Greenling by Levi Pinfold. As before, watch the video in full with captions off and complete all the tasks and questions given by Ms Johnson.


Today's lesson is : Lesson 3 - To Analyse a Text