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04/01/2021 *NEW TERM*

Monday 4th January 2021



Expectations: Every child should be completing every lesson I put onto this page, it

should roughly last an hour. So, every child should be completing at least 3 hours of work a day. In addition to this, each child should be reading lots. - all children have access to MyOn (which was explained by Mrs Griffith before all children left for Christmas) using their Accelerated Reading login. They will also be able to take AR tests at home. 


Maths PowerPoint (Which I will be using in lesson)

Maths Lesson Number 1

Understanding Percentages



Our topic this term is Africa. First of all, we will be looking into myths and legends which were created within the continent. 


English task:


LI: To create a myth or legend story.


I would like you to create a story about a myth or a legend, this should be descriptive and in full paragraphs using all appropriate language features (punctuation, relative clauses, parenthesis etc.)


It is important that you do this as it will form the basis of your work for the next two weeks. This is likely to take longer than an hour, therefore, I will be posting less work today than I would normally to allow time for you to do it.

English Lesson Number 1

Myths and Legends

Reading Activity


Please ensure you have completed the Marshmallow Challenge set before Christmas. You need to have completed a minimum of 10 tasks and decorated the mug. Today, I am setting a short comprehension which you can mark yourselves - don't cheat. There are three comprehensions in this document- one each for year 4,5 and 6,  Scroll down to find your comprehension which begins on page 11. Please write your answers neatly on lined paper as though you were in school.


Light - Cold Task

Science Lesson Number 1

Science Introduction - Cold task (light)