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Maths Lesson Week 5 Lesson 4




As I mentioned yesterday, I would like you to spend your English time continuing with your non-chronological report about your chosen animal.


If you think you're finished, I would like you to go back through with a pencil/red pen and edit your work as you would in class.



Are there any corrections you could make?

Is there any improvements of language you have used? I.e. replacing proper nouns with a pronoun sentence? Use of passive and active voice. Higher level punctuation such as colons and semi colons.


This should all be evidenced in your work.


Reading Skills Activity (linked to Children's Mental Health Week)


Today I have selected an activity which will draw on your inference, deduction and comparison skills as you look at two texts - a poem (based on a book) and the actual narrative from the same book.


The book is called A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (ZPD 4.8) and is on my book case in school. It deals with sad issues and the illness of a parent. The protagonist is having to deal with his feelings of fear, loss, anger etc as his mum battles cancer. So it is a grown up book, but brilliant nonetheless. You may have seen the film?


As you read the texts and answer the questions (for both texts), please think to yourselves about who or  what  the monster is. How are the feelings expressed in the text similar to your own experiences during lockdown? What are your monsters? The theme of Children's Mental Health week is Express Yourself, so if you want to write down your thoughts and feelings as an optional extra then go ahead, but don't feel they have to be handed in.


On that note, I will be contacting children over the next few days if we have not received Reading Activity work from you or if you have taken very few AR tests. With all the reading you should be doing, we would expect you to be completing an AR text every 1-2 weeks.