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Today's task for Maths is to complete the Perimeter, area and volume assessment.


This should be done independently and not with any external help. Please complete and mark your own answers. 


I will be asking for your results tomorrow morning in check-in, so please make sure you have completed it.





Your task today for English is to complete the final section of your project, it will be on one final research area about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.


If you're finding that the particular area you have chosen is not giving you lots to write about, before you email me asking to do less, I suggest you see if you can connect it to another area because each section of the project should be a minimum of 1 page.


For example,


If I chose to do food but you run out of things to write about what they eat, you could talk about their farming, celebrations and what they eat during them and if there were any foods used as medicines.


I hope this helps.

Reading Skills Activity


We are nearly there. Ms. Johnson is giving her penultimate lesson in Oak Academy's reading unit on The Greenling by Levi Pinfold. As always, watch the video in full with captions OFF and complete ALL tasks set by the teacher. 


Today's lesson is: Lesson 4 - To Analyse Themes


As we approach the end of this school closure, please ensure that your reading record is up to date, that you have taken AT LEAST 2 AR quizzes - be prepared to explain why not. if you haven't. Ensure you have been on MyOn at least once to complete your interests survey and to connect your MYOn account with your AR account. Again, you have been prompted several times about this, so we will expect this to have been done. and we have given you numerous opportunities to alert us to any issues. 

Children that need to send me a picture of themselves working at home:












Please send these to me asap as these are for your yearbook.