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Maths Lesson PowerPoint

Maths Lesson Number 2

Converting fractions to percentages



The following video will be the basis of our learning today. -23 Degrees and 5 Minutes




Re write the dialogue exchange at the beginning of the video between the professor and his student using direct speech.


You should use the following:


  • Full punctuation
  • Verbs to describe how speech is being spoken
  • Adverbs to describe how the verb is happening



Use the video example to help you:


English Lesson Number 2

The sound is not working on the video - but you have the link so you can watch the video via the other link. There are important parts at both the beginning and the end of the video (me teaching) so please make sure you skip ahead.

Using Speech Marks | Punctuating Direct Speech | EasyTeaching

Learn how to use speech marks (and other punctuation) to punctuate direct speech.Find more speech marks resources at

Reading Activity


Here is a comprehension based on famous sea explorers as a last-minute swap for today's original activity.