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Maths Lesson Week 5 Lesson 5



It is an important skill, for a year 6 to have, to edit their work.


I would like you to go back through your non-chronological report and edit and improve using your fresh eyes. Read it aloud; ask yourselves if there are any words missing. Any language you could improve? Are there all features of a non-chronological report present?


Your piece of writing should be filled with lots of red pen improvements (pencil if you do not have a red pen).


If you typed it up, try to highlight them on the computer using Word. Or, alternatively, print it out if you can and edit it by hand.


There should be evidence of self assessment happening and is important for me to see.

Reading Skills


1. Please finish any of the activities that are unfinished from this week's lessons.


2. Then, we end Children's Mental Health week with another visit to the Authorfy website. However, this time I would like you to complete a particular Author's challenge: Eloise Williams. One of the books I have raved about on the Reading Rocks pages on the school website is "Seaglass" a chilling ghost story - evocative, creepy, and an excellent storyline. Seaglass is written by Eloise Williams.


Select her challenge (which is about empathy), and try and put yourself into someone else's shoes. Maybe the situation you write about could focus more on the anxieties and feelings someone might feel returning to school after a long time away. Listen to Eloise describing the challenge and then spend no more than 30 minutes writing.

An extract from "Wilde" by Eloise Williams