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This morning, the Year 6 within school will be doing Prodigy for their maths lesson. This is because we have just finished the topic in Maths and allows us to start it properly when you all return to school.


If you have not finished your assessment from yesterday this is the time to do it.


If you so wish, you can choose from the following:



Timestable Rockstars




If however, you are looking for an extra challenge following on from our last topic. You can complete the following:


This pulls all we have done to do with Perimeter, Area and Volume into a great challenge pack.



Today is the day that our projects on the Ancient Kingdom of Benin are coming to a close.


This is the time to think about and write an ending/conclusion to your project.


I would suggest thinking about the following:


  • What happened to the people of Ancient Benin? What lead to their demise?
  • Was there a specific group of people whom contributed towards their end?
  • What is left behind that can prove of their existence? *Art work, religion, recipes, music, instruments etc.
  • What has their impact been on what is now Nigeria? 


This should be roughly a page long and should include lots of lovely pictures. I look forward to seeing these projects. Please bring them in on Monday next week so we can look at them and stick them into our Topic book.



Reading Skills Activity


Today is the final lesson on The Greenling by Levi Pinfold. Ensure you watch the video in full with captions off, complete all the work set, and have all your reading work, since January,  organised and ready to bring it back to school on Monday.


Today's lesson is; Lesson 5 - To develop "reading for pleasure" through discussion of favourite characters. 


Please ensure you have activated MyOn, completed your Reading Record since the Christmas holidays, and taken at least 2 AR tests since December!

Drama Club


I will get this up and running now once we are back in school. Meanwhile, you might like to watch these Royal Shakespeare presentations of Michael Morpurgo's Tales from Shakespeare, using the following link.

Children who have still not sent in a photo of them working at home for the yearbook:







Children who have still not connected to MyOn and linked their MyOn with Star reading