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Starting at 10am and finishing at 11am, Fr Piotr will be carrying out an Epiphany Mass through YouTube. 


I expect everybody in the Penguin class to be watching, there could be an activity based upon this afterwards. 


The link has been emailed to your parents but I will be posting this tomorrow morning just before the Mass.


Our 09:30 check-in will still be happening, I will remind you then. Remember your socks!

Epiphany of the Lord from St Teresa's Catholic Church in Ashford LIVE Broadcast - START 10AM

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Maths PowerPoint Lesson 3

Maths Lesson Number 3

Reading Activity


Today's activity is all about the Feast of Epiphany which is a fixed date celebration, also known as Twelfth Night or the 12th Day of Christmas. In Churches, it commemorates the coming of the Magi to see the young Jesus whose birth was foretold. Epiphany also means "revelation" and the birth of Jesus reveals God's gift to the world. Twelfth Night is a different celebration. Shakespeare's play of the same name was based on an old tradition where everything was topsy turvy for one night: servant becoming master, master becoming servant, decided by a token found in a pie, This tradition is still celebrated in France. The twelfth day of Christmas is also the day that traditionally all the Christmas decoration come down and are put away - certainly, that is my task today!