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Today, the year 6 class within school will be spending their maths lesson in the ICT room playing Prodigy and Times Table Rockstars. 


If you are at home, my expectation is for you to also spend your time playing these two maths games. 


You should play for roughly an hour - more if you want to.


There will be no work to send me as I will be able to see online who and who has not been playing the game and engaging with the work.





Create a storyboard which has 8 sections. Your storyboard will be based upon an adventure that an explorer would have if they're dropped off in the jungle.


An example we used in class was the following:


Box 1: - Dropped off in the jungle by an plane

Box 2: - You enter the jungle and begin to explore

Box 3: - Enter stream and have to pass alligators be careful!

Box 4: - Stream's current becomes strong and carries adventurer into the ocean.

Box 5: - Wade onto the beach from the ocean and see fire in the distance

Box 6: - Climb tree to identify location of fire

Box 7: - Venture through jungle to find fire

Box 8: - Find fire and find the doctor who was lost in the jungle



I expect your storyboard to have lots of writing, pictures and to be coloured (*if you have colours at home). Try to use fronted adverbials followed by a comma, use great description language and great verbs.


An example of storyboard:

Reading Skills Activity


Go to the Authorfy website today and complete one or two of the author's challenges

PLUS research your chosen author and try and read an excerpt of a book they have written. Youtube offers lots of opportunities to listen to an author reading their own books or check out the Lovereading4kids website. Please write a paragraph about your chosen author as well as completing their challenge.