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08/02/2021 Week Six



Please make sure you are dressed appropriately if there is snow this week. If in school, you will need a change of shoes, a warm waterproof coat and gloves. IF, and it is a big IF, you are allowed on the field, I am sure you will need to have boots. 

Maths Lesson Week 6 Lesson 1 - Answers to test

Converting Measurements Assessment - Answers



This week, I would like you to complete the 5 lessons in the unit.


Each day you will be given a new lesson based around Michael Morpurgo's 'The Giant's Necklace'. 


This will link to the reading activity you will be doing today and it is therefore important you complete both.


There will be an activity throughout the video that you are expected to complete, so stop the video when required and carry out the activity.

Reading Skills Activity


Making inferences is about reading between the lines or looking at what we can glean beyond the words. For example, if a boy dresses in hat, scarf and gloves before going out to play, we can infer that it is cold outside. It doesn't say it is cold outside but the clues are in the clothes that the boy puts on to go outside. Similarly, it is EXPLICIT if a girl says that she is hungry. We know that she wants food because she has told us she is hungry. However, if she were to have a growling stomach or be talking about how long ago it was since breakfast and how much longer it is until dinner, we can infer she is hungry but her words are IMPLICIT - she implies. 


This is a skill that we need to improve upon, especially when explaining how we have reached that conclusion - the "how do you know" part of the question.  Please provide written answers to these questions, with evidence from the text. 


LI: To make inferences from different texts.


Most of class should complete Worksheet 2 and Worksheet 3.

If you are working towards Greater Depth or want a challenge, you should answer Worksheet 3 & 4.

There is no worksheet 1.