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08/07/2021 (Thursday)



I would like to first of all congratulate you on the roaring success of yesterday. I am just happy that we had the opportunity to do the performance before we had to self isolate. 


Your piece of work today is based upon your performance yesterday. This was the last piece of work in your Leaver's Book packs. 


A recount/description of your Alice the Musical performance.


It should be roughly a page long and this will be written up neatly when we return to school.


Try to include the following points:


- What was your character - Which scenes were you in? Did you enjoy being this character? How do you think this character reflects part of you?


- Which was your favourite part of the musical and why? - Tell me lots!


- Did you make any props/scene/costume pieces? Did you enjoy this/what did you do? Explain


- Was it everything you thought it would be or were there difficulties?


- Would you do it again? What piece of information would you tell the Year 5s for next year?


You can add lots more than the points above, but these are just some point to help you.



Reading Activity


Morning Penguins! Here we go again! Mrs G here with a Reading Task to complete today or tomorrow.


Your task today is to think of all the books you have read or had read to you and come up with a Top Ten. I want you to remember the book you demanded as a bedtime story again and again when you were little perhaps, a book you were given or a book you were recommended but you would never have chosen yourself – yet you loved it anyway, a favourite book shared as a class, a favourite book you have read in Year 6 etc. I do not expect to see more than 2 books from a series in your list (e.g only two Alex Rider’s or 2 Malory Towers only). Please explain briefly why you have chosen it. If you cannot remember the author, google it!


Please decorate the list and return it to school for possible inclusion in your yearbook. I hope you have fun remembering old favourites!

My Top Ten Books