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Maths Lesson Week 6 Lesson 2

Maths Teaching PowerPoint



This week, I would like you to complete the 5 lessons in the unit.


Each day you will be given a new lesson based around Michael Morpurgo's 'The Giant's Necklace'. 


This is the second of the five lessons.


This will link to the reading activity you will be doing today and it is therefore important you complete both.


There will be an activity throughout the video that you are expected to complete, so stop the video when required and carry out the activity.

Reading Skills Activity


LI: To practise making logical and reasonable predictions from a text.


Yesterday we focused on inference skills. Today, we are looking at another reading skill: prediction. This type of question asks you to make reasoned and logical predictions based on what you know so far in a text or about a character. Plucking an idea out of the air without there being a rational and reasonable  explanation will rarely earn you full marks. There are 4 short texts to choose from.

For the Expected level, select 3 texts.

For Greater Depth, select all 4. 

Internet Safety Day


Today is Internet Safety Day. More than ever,  it is important to keep yourselves safe online. We know you know this and are able to give us the right answers but we also know that knowing and doing can be different things. Please watch the videos and have a go at the game on the following link.