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11/01/2021 Week Two

English Lesson Week 2 - Number 1

Research Lesson

All instructions are inside the video, I will explain what you are required to do and give examples.

Maths Lesson Week 2 - Number 1



This activity will be spread over two days and should be presented as a double page spread with lots of colour. As always, there will be more writing than illustration. Please submit your work to Mrs G.


Choose two protagonists ( main characters) from two books you have enjoyed and analyse their characters. You should include the following details.

  • the name of the character, book title and author
  • physical description of the character ( as written by the author)
  • social detail - family structure, where they live, go to school, activities etc - from the text,
  • insights to personality - what clues does the author give about the character, Back it up with evidence from the text.  e.g. Tracy Beaker is defiant because the author says ..........and this shows .........
  • include an illustration of the character
  • add any additional information you would like.
  • what you like about the character
  • your character's worst trait (in your opinion)


Repeat for the second character. Ensure there is a section scanning both pages where you compare and contrast the characters (similarities and differences) and conclude which character you like most or is most like you with reasons.  Please make sure your chosen characters are human - not talking dogs or aliens etc.