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Hi Bees!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and you are ready for another week of home learning. 


Just a little message to let you know that I will be phoning you all again on Monday to say hello and I am looking forward to a quick chat with you.


Please let me know if Monday does not work for you and we can arrange another time to call. 

Thank you! 

Mrs Field 

Literacy Activities: 


This weeks activities have been planned by Mrs May after her and her children have had a lovely weekend of learning based on the story 'Zigby Camps Out.'

Zigby Camps out

When Zigby is given a tent, he and his best friends, Bertie Bird and McMeer the Meerkat, decide to try it out right away! Off they set on a big adventure to ...

Monday - What's in the bag?


Have you ever been camping before? Over the weekend my children thought it would be great to set up tents and camp in the garden for the night. 

Before we did this, we had to think about what to pack. Can you think about what you would need to pack if you were to go on a camping trip? 


Can you draw a picture of the items you would pack? 


Challenge: Can you label some of the items?


Tuesday - a letter from Zigby 


Wow! Look at this letter, can you read it? 



What will your camp look like? If you don't have a garden, could you build a den inside instead? 


Wednesday - write a letter


Can you write a letter back to Zigby and tell him all about your tent/den/camp?


Thursday - story time


As a family, we have continued to create dens and cosy spaces throughout the weekend.  My son has made a little reading den in his bedroom where he can enjoy stories in a peaceful and comfy place. 

Can you create a space somewhere in your house where you can take your favourite book and enjoy it with a family member? Whilst looking at and retelling the story you choose, can you look out for any tricky words and see if you can spot any phonemes and digraphs too?


Friday - story review 


Yesterday you chose your favourite story to read in your cosy space. Today, can you draw a picture of you reading your book in your cosy space and write a sentence to say why you chose that book. What do you like about it and why?

Maths Activities: 


This week we will be looking at number and place value. Please scroll right to the bottom of the page to find further guidance and support around this topic. 


Monday - number game


This game requires two or more players.


Can you make some number cards (1-20)? Encourage your children to make these to practise their number formation but support them so the numbers are recognisable for the game. 


Place all the number cards in a bag and take it in turns to pull out a card. Identify the number and place it in the middle of the players. With each new number that is pulled out, discuss if it is bigger or smaller than the other numbers in the middle and start to order them so you have a number line by the end. 


Tuesday - staircase number line


Using your number cards that you made yesterday, can you make your own staircase number line?


For this activity, start by putting the number cards in the correct order from smallest to biggest. For each number, place the matching number of items above it to create the staircase. For example, above the 5 you will need to put 5 items and then above the 6 you will need 6 items. For the items you could use any household items, natural items, cars, lego, pompoms or even pasta. 


This is a great activity to talk about 'one more and one less' as it is a very visual representation of the how the numbers increase by 1 each time.  


Here are some examples of staircase number lines that might help you to think about what items you will use. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Wednesday - Spiderweb Game 


Here is another of Mrs May's family games for you to try this week. For this game, you will need a blanket that you can use like a parachute and some of your soft teddies. 

Watch the video below and hold your blanket like a parachute. Pop your teddies on the blanket along with the song (adding one more) and bounce them up and down. How many teddies are on there now? Can you keep track? 


When the web snaps (blanket is dropped or teddies fall off), can you count them all to see how many you had that time? 


Challenge: Can you order your teddies from smallest to biggest and see if the total changes at all if you use your smaller or larger teddies?

One Elephant Went Out To Play | Kids Song | Nursery Rhyme | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! Elephant, can you come out to play? One Elephant. Baby song and 123 song. ★Get this song on iTunes:

Thursday - Super Counters 


You have been doing such great counting this week Bees. Let's see if you can help the super heroes by finding the missing numbers. 

Please find the attached PowerPoint Presentation with number lines.

Friday - Missing numbers Cont...


Can you make your own number line today, you could do this with chalk outside, pegs, or paper inside. Have a go at writing the numbers yourself - remember the rhymes to help you! 

Then, take it in turns with a family member to cover up a number or two from the number line and see if you can work out what is missing. 


Here is a link to the number formation rhymes in case you need to look at them again:

Further support and ideas from White Rose

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