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Home learners, please ask someone to take a photograph of you in your home learning set up. It is for the Year Book so a photo is needed by EVERYONE. Please send to Mr Bradley as soon as possible - please save your photo with your name before sending.



Today, the class in school will be going over the work we did yesterday as there are some misconceptions with the piece of work.


Therefore, I would also like you to re-watch yesterday's lesson and have a look at this new activity.


If you're happy with what you're doing, feel free to just do the activity. 


SPaG - Colons and Semi-colons


Today we are looking at the function and use of colons and semi-colons in order to up-level your writing. Watch the first video  (in full screen so you can read the examples properly) which explains how each should be used. The second clip focuses on how semi-colons and colons can link sentences. A short PowerPoint will consolidate your learning.


Ensure you watch videos and PowerPoints in full screen/Slide show mode as the links and animations won't work unless you are watching in full screen.


Use of colons and semi-colons are a Year 5/6 objective and can instantly up-level your writing.

1. Watch the lesson (first video) and PowerPoint,

2. Have a go at the exercises. The worksheets will give you practice in most of the uses of colons and semi-colons. The answers are included, so check your work against them.

3. The final activity is a game. I have tried very hard to create this and test all the hyperlinks. I hope it works. It has sound effects and is interactive so you MUST be in slide show (full screen mode.) This was as close to Among Us as I could get without infringing copyright. I really enjoyed making it and hope you enjoy playing it...let me know! Complete the tasks and try and uncover the imposter. DO NOT Google the clues for answers - what's the point, it'll end the game for you! For best results, ensure speakers are on. 


The template was created by Melissa Fahy under the name of Professor Doubter and I have modified and added to it.


This MUST be viewed in SLIDESHOW mode. Please do not Enable Editing when asked

Writing Competition


I thought that some of you budding writers might be interested in this competition.