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12/07/2021 (Monday)



The Tower of Hanoi


We have another Maths investigation for you today. You need to go through the whole PowerPoint before clicking on the link within the PowerPoint , which will take you to an interactive version of the Tower of Hanoi. You must record how many attempts it took you on the word document (link below.) If you are unable to print out the table then you must copy it onto paper. Everyone is expected to work through the levels as far as they can. For an extra challenge, there is a second task that requires you to identify the formula. For best results, you need to show the PowerPoint in slideshow mode. 



The City of Silence


Have you ever wondered what it is like in …

★the mountain of imagination,

★the castle of doom,

★the city of wonder,

★the maze of wishes,

★or the cellar of despair?


Well, you are about to find out! In this lesson, we are going to create our own unique settings by combining places and things. Let’s get started by making a list of places. Open the document below, pages 3 - 7, and follow the instructions for Activities 1 - 5. All your work needs to be written down. We will continue this work tomorrow. 


Activity One:  Make a list of places ( not Proper Nouns, so city, not London,  cinema, not Cineworld, etc.)


Activity Two: Make a list of abstract nouns (again, follow the instructions)


Activity Three: Make your first combinations (at least 10)


Activity Four: Make some new combinations using alliteration (at least another 10)


Activity Five; Judge your best 10, following the instructions given (reading out loud)

PHSE / Transition


This week, we are including a transition pack to work through. It includes activities that look at the differences between primary school and secondary school and how best to prepare. Remember, you can contact Mr Bradley or Mrs Griffith if you have any particular questions or concerns about secondary school that may be brought up this week. If you aren't able to print out the relevant pages, then simply create your own version.

Recommended books to help you transition to secondary school



Please continue to read daily. All Mrs. Griffith;'s books need to be returned on MONDAY 19th JULY. Please check your bedrooms for any school books you may still have.