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Maths Lesson Week 2 Lesson 3



Today you are going to use the two links below, one is a document of a timeline and the other is a link to many events which happened throughout Charles Darwin's life. 


If you do not have access to a printer, just copy the timeline out onto paper. 


You should choose the most important parts of his life and populate the timeline, this will be similar to the timeline that we all created about Thomas Beckett.

English Lesson Week 2 Lesson 3

Charles Darwin - Blank Timeline To Use (You could recreate this if you do not have a printer by drawing the line)

Reading Activity


Today, please read the fictionalised biography of Charles Darwin that is provided.. Read carefully as there will be activities on Thursday and Friday which will be closely linked to this text and ongoing English work. There is a lot to read so there is nothing else required today. However, please give some thought to the question: what is a fictionalised biography?

Also available as a word document