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13/07/2021 (Tuesday)



The Norton Knatchbull School have sent us these transition activities to share with you all. Some of you may have received them from NK directly. The answers will be uploaded on Friday. You should work through these over the next few days. An alternative activity will be added tomorrow for fast finishers. It increases in difficulty as the booklet progresses so there is something for everyone. You should spend an hour doing Maths



The City of Silence continued


We are continuing our work on the city of silence, starting today with activity 6 on page 8 of the attached pdf and ending today on page 13. You should now have some ideas that you are going to start building on with some poetry writing over the next few days. You should be spending an hour on your English


Activity 6:  Rate the author's ideas from 1 - 5


Activity 7: Create a simple list poem. I would like you to choose a theme, so you may need to edit some of your ideas from yesterday so that all your ideas are continuous - like the example given where all the combinations are space-related. Choose something other than space! 


Activity 8: Look at a model poem written by Pie Corbett called The Cave of Curiosities. Answer the questions that follow.


Activity 9: Adding more detail - adjectives, characters and setting.




More transition activities from Norton Knatchbull to work through Some of the earlier activities talk about going for a walk to a park. Obviously, whilst you are self- isolating, you will be restricted to your gardens. You should be spending an hour on your Science work.



Please continue working through the transition booklets, If you are unable to print them, you should  recreate them by copying the activities.