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14/07/2021 (Wednesday)



Please continue the transition booklet from yesterday. Fast finishers can visit Mathsframe to play some of the free Maths games ( like bowling we use in class) or play Prodigy. You should be spending one hour doing Maths.



City of Silence continued


We are continuing from page 14


Activity 10: Add some juxtaposition (explained in the pdf). This technique is similar to the oxymoron but with subtle differences. 


Activity 11: Develop your ideas to create a poem with a repeating pattern



French / Art


Today is Bastille Day

Please look through the PowerPoint below, it has two tasks that need to be completed.


This forms part of our Bastille day activities.


Lois Mailou Jones is an incredibly famous artist, she lived in France for twenty years. 


She takes lots of her inspiration from African artists.

Lois Mailou Jones - Artist