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15/07/2021 (Thursday)

We may need some of you to remain in the check in today to rehearse the Leaver's Mass.



Complete the Numeracy Transition booklet. If you have finished, you should complete one of the activities below.


Products and Sums - starting at level 4 (second sheet) you have to multiply the central two numbers to get an answer for the X box and add the central numbers to get the + box. Easier enough? But when you don't have the central mubers you will need inverses to complete the calculation. Level 5 is particularly tricky as it is all negative numbers, Level 6 onwards challa=enging but do-able.


Square Number Search - jot down the square numbers and then find them in the number search adding numbers up, down, left, tight or diagonal. All numbers must touch , so,     1    3    4

                                   2   6    8         6 + 3 are next to each other and add to 9,  also 2 + diagonal 3 + 4 add to 9.  It is possible to do it consecutively, meaning finding squared numbers 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 etc with each solution  found froom the previous slution. If that's a bit complicated then just try and find your square numbers anywhere  in the grid. Remember though, you do need to use addition only and the numbers must touch either up, down, left, right or diagonal. 





City of Silence - conclusion


We conclude our work on the City of Silence today, starting on page 17.


Activity 12, 13, 14 are optional:


Activity 15: Mission - open the document and follow the instructions. This piece of work needs to be brought to school, completed, on Monday 19th July. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED.


NK Transition materials


As long as Activity 15 is completed, Norton Knatchbull School has sent these English transition materials for you all to have a go at today and tomorrow.



Please continue the Science transition booklet you started earlier in the week.



This should be nearing completion now, After you have spent an hour each on Maths, English and Science, please  spend your final hour completing this.