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18/01/2021 Week Three

Maths Lesson Week 3 Lesson 1

Maths Teaching PowerPoint



Please watch the video link below it will take you to a page about non-chronological reports. Throughout the videos there are tasks to be completed and at the end of the video there will be a final task.

Reading Skills


This week, we are using an Oak Academy Reading unit for our reading, based on a popular writer in Penguin's class - Anthony Horowitz. You will need to follow the link and play the video all the way through, pausing when prompted, to think about answers to the questions. Warning: The teacher doesn't ask very challenging questions at the start of the video - it gets better from 9 minutes in.


Please write all your answers down and submit to me to be marked on FRIDAY, 22nd January.


I have only been sent two double-page spreads so, unless you have sent them to Mr Bradley already, please send to me so I can give you feedback. My email address is



There is an activity in the French folder below, please read all information and do the following:


Watch/listen to the PowerPoint.


Write labels on school map 


Write sentences starting with 'il y a' - there is