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16/07/2021 (Friday)

LAST DAY OF SELF-ISOLATING! (school isolating that is) Yippee!


Please check this page over the weekend to make sure there are no last-minute notices. For Monday, please bring a strong carrier bag, any reading books belonging to school or Mrs G, your Alice production work, Top 10 books work and Activity 15. WE need these for the year book!



Today our focus is looking towards the Tokyo Olympics and your activities are themed accordingly.



Complete the Maths to solve the crime!



Please continue working through the Norton Knatchbull Transition Pack. If you have finished it, try the Haiku challenge.



For each English "landmark", research a corresponding Japanese one and record its details in a similar format to the English one given. Either print the document or make your own.



Learn about the importance of origami to the Japanese culture and try your hand at some paper folding yourself. There are links in the PowerPoint also for a Manga drawing tutorial. If you are brave enough (it is very sad), there is a short animation based loosely on Sadako's story. Be sure to click the link in the PowerPoint to see the real story of Sadako.

"A Folded Wish" | CGI Animated Short Film (2020)

A pair of twin sisters attempt to fold a thousand origami cranes in hopes to recover from a fatal disease.Content Warning: This CGI animated short film conta...