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Literacy Activities: 


This week's literacy activities will all be based on the story 'A Magical Muddle' which can be found as an eBook on Twinkl. 



The eBook can be downloaded for free -


If you have any difficulty downloading the story, please let me know and I will see what I can do. It is too large for me to upload it to the class page but I could try and email it to you. 


Monday - A Magical Muddle 


Today, please read the story together and discuss what is happening throughout the book.


For your activity, talk about what you think happens in the end. Do you think the Head Witch will get her wish and become a unicorn? 

Draw a picture and write what you think will happen. 

Tuesday - a Magical Wand 


All of the witches in the story have their own wand. Could you make your own magical wand? You could use crafty materials for home, junk modelling or even natural items from outside.


I wonder what fun you will have with your wand. Remember, always keep the reverse spells safe so that if you turn any of your family into frogs you turn them back again when you're done playing. 


Here are some photos that might help inspire you! 


Wednesday - Bibbly Boo..


Look at the different spells that are found in the book. The wording is very important as if the spell is said even just a little bit wrong, the witches get a surprise! 


Today, can you write your own spell?


Before thinking carefully about the wording, have a little think about what you want your spell to do? Would you like it to turn you into the Incredible Hulk? Would you like to be able to fly or to become invisible? Would you like to be a unicorn for the day? 


Draw a picture of what your spell will do next to the words that need to be said. 

Thursday - Potion Time


Have you ever made a potion before? It is very exciting...

First, plan your potion. What ingredients will you need and how much of it? 


Try to think about resources you have at home that you could use. For example, you may need a little bit of fairy dust (glitter) or a spoonful of frog slime (washing up liquid) etc. 


Use one of the templates below to help you write down your ingredients.


Now, head to a space that is allowed to get a little messy and have fun making your potion by mixing in all of the ingredients on your list. Can you read back your writing by yourself?


Now you have your wand, spell and potion, what will you do with them? Have fun! 


Friday: If you could be magic for the day..


After a week of fun and imaginative play with your wand, potions and spells. Now think about what it would be like if you really could have magical powers for the day. 

Write down how you would spend your day and what you would do. 


If you wanted to, you could draw a picture and write about it or you could write a story all about your magical day. Would it be a magical muddle or would it be your perfect day?


I would love to see what you would do with your magical powers! 

Maths Activities: 

This week we will continue our focus on numbers and practise matching numeral to quantity.

Monday - Over in the Meadow


Today, can you watch the video of 'Over in the Meadow' found below and count along.


After watching the video, imagine you were looking over in the meadow. What can you see? 

Can you draw some pictures of the creatures you spot and then write the matching number underneath? 


You may want to do this activity in your garden or on your daily walk. You could even make some binoculars to take with you. If not, just use your imagination and see what you can see. 

Over in the Meadow

Tuesday - Flowers in the meadow, counting challenge


Have a go at the flower counting chilli challenge...



Can you complete all of the chilli challenges (found below)? Maybe you could make a tally chart to help you keep track of the number of flowers. 

Wednesday - Your very own Meadow


Can you draw your own meadow with flowers and animals included. At the bottom of the picture, can you write how many of each colour flower or each animal there is to spot? That way, I can make sure I have found all of the lovely things in your meadow. 

Here is a picture of mine as an example...


Thursday - How many can fit?


Can you start by drawing a few different shapes on some paper, you could draw a heart, a square, a rainbow, anything you like. Then pick something to fill it, this could be toy cars if you have lots of them, pasta or even stones that you could find in your garden (like the picture below). 


Count how many fit in the picture. Then, underneath the picture, write the matching number. 

Can you order it so the picture you drew that fits the least items in is at the start and the picture that fits the most items in is at the end? 


Challenge: Can you do some estimating before you count how many items fit in? 



Friday - Number Ladder 


Can you create your own number ladder like the one in the picture below? You could use chalk outside or paper inside. 

Once you have your number ladder, can you put the correct number of items in each square to match the numeral. For example, in the square that has the numeral 1, you could put/draw one leaf. In the square that has the numeral 3, you could put/ draw three stones.