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Maths Lesson Week 3 Lesson 2

STAR reading test


As Mr Bradley indicated yesterday, it is time to take your termly STAR reading test. Instructions are given in a link, together with a powerpoint to remind you what is involved. Once you have logged into AR, you should select Star Reading (first blue tab)  and follow the instructions in the instructions I have given. Remember, the test should be taking between at least 16 minutes to do yourself justice. Remember, you cannot ask for help or use a dictionary. If you do not know an answer, let the question time out, DO NOT GUESS. 


The MyOn  data is showing that most of you have never logged in. When you do, you will need to give smiley faces in a survey to show your reading interests. 


Any problems logging on, please email me ( Mrs G) straight away,



Task for today:


I would like you to create a script to create a small performance using shadow puppets to describe the life of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.


For today,


I would only like you to write the script and write a list of all possible characters/props you may need to present your story. 


Not sure what a shadow puppet is? I'll attach a link to help you.


I do not expect you to make shadow puppets today as this will be a task for a different day.



English/Science Lesson - Shadow Puppets about Darwin

Reading Skills Activity


It is day 2 of the Oak Academy unit based on Anthony Horowitz's short story, "A Career in Computer Games." Be sure to watch the video (lesson 2)  all the way through and complete the questions set.


Many thanks to the children who sent me the work you did on this today. I enjoyed looking at what you have done.