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Maths Lesson Week 3 Lesson 3

Maths Teaching PowerPoint

Maths Activity (Answers are at the end) Please choose the difficulty you would like to do.

STAR reading tests


One child has not completed their STAR test. Please ensure it is completed today. Contact Mrs Griffith if you have any problems. Instructions are in yesterday's links.


NE         still to complete STAR reading assessment



The rest of you, I have put your results and new ZPDs in the link. There are some amazing results. Well done, everyone. There are so many of you with more than 2 year's growth in your Reading Age since September and many more who have added around a year.  JO and RitR - outstanding!  


******Apologies for getting the register numbers wrong. I don't have a class list at home, The updated list has your initials. ********


Reading Skills Activity


Day 3 of the close analysis of Anthony Horowitz's short story. As before, it is important to watch the whole video and answer the questions set.

Did you know it is National Penguin Awareness Day today?


Here's a few OPTIONAL fun challenges. This is IN ADDITION to your normal work not instead of. This international holiday focuses attention on penguins and the conservation of their habitats.





Which one doesn't belong? There is no single answer, you have to decide and then give the reasoning for your choice. This is great brain food!