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Literacy Activity:


In class we have read the story Lucy's Blue Day together a number of times. It is a lovely story to help children recognise and talk about their emotions.


The author, Chris Duke, has produced a short eBook called Lucy's in Lockdown to help children during these unusual times we find ourselves in.






This week please spend some time talking about how you and your child are feeling. Read this book (pictures below) and ask your child what colour their hair is today? 

Can they draw a picture of themselves every day this week showing their hair colours. It might be a nice idea to do this at different points of the day to see if it changes (ie. in the morning, during or after a walk outside, before bedtime etc). 

Can they label their pictures? Can they write a sentence explaining why their hair is that colour today? 

If you missed the activities from last week (16.04.2020) please go back and have a look for some ideas of games that will encourage reading. They require little preparation but will hopefully provide lots of fun and reading opportunities! 

Numeracy Activity: 


This week we will continue to explore pattern. Please see the challenge and activity ideas from last week (16.04.2020).


I have uploaded a document below from the NCETM website. It shows the steps in progression in pattern. Have a look and decide which step your child is working within. This will help you to support and challenge them further. It also has some lovely, simple ideas for activities to complete at home.