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Today you will be doing an arithmetic test, please do this under test conditions.


It is important to regularly check our arithmetic skills (like we would have if were in school) so we do not lose them.


These are vital for your maths understanding whether you're doing a SATS paper at the end of the year or not.


Please email me your results so I can add them to our collection.

Maths Lesson Week 3 Lesson 4



Below is the link to your lesson today provided through Oak Academy about relative clauses. 


These will be important as part of our non-chronological report, therefore this lesson is important and must be completed.

Reading Skills Activity


We are now four lessons into our work on Anthony Horowitz's, "Career in Computer Games" from his book of short stories, "Horowitz Horror." Today, the focus is on inference and prediction - deducing what the author wants you to understand and "read" into the story without implicitly telling you. Inference is an important skill for reading but also as a life skill when you are working with different people. Please watch the whole video and write down the answers to the questions set.