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Aut4.3.3 - Compare 4 digit numbers

This is "Aut4.3.3 - Compare 4 digit numbers" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

English - Read the text, practice your actions and then answer the questions below

Questions to answer for English:

  1.  What does  tumultuous mean in paragraph one?
  2. What does naive mean in paragraph two?
  3.  From the description of the coastline in paragraph one, infer what it was like before the years of battering, tumultuous behaviour from the sea.
  4. Do you think all the walkers persevered through the weather to see the rugged coastline? Would you?
  5. How are the palm trees described in paragraph three?
  6.  Predict what you think are the precious memories that the adults are reliving?
  7. Explain why ice-cream is the perfect thing to have at the beach.
  8. Find three examples of why the beach is the perfect place to visit from paragraph three and four. 
  9.  How are the seagulls described in paragraph four?
  10. Summarise your perfect day at the beach.

Topic - read the slides and write answers to the questions. Then complete the worksheet