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Maths Lesson Week 3 Lesson 5

Maths Teaching PowerPoint


Today in English, there is a SPaG focus as we revise tenses.


1. Watch the video

I have made a video to explain how all the tenses are formed. There are little tasks to complete throughout. Pause the video as you complete them.


2. Refer to the PowerPoint (link to Google Slides - click "Present" - top right)


If after the video, you need a reminder of anything or for additional information (including slides not on video, to clarify), you will be able to open up the PowerPoint - look for the pencil icon for the tasks. If you would like to use the interactive elements of the PowerPoint, (the quizzes, spin the wheel. question reveals, link to the video clip, etc) you will need to watch the PowerPoint in "PRESENT"


All the explanations for the lesson are in the video but if, for any reason, the video doesn't work for you, please follow the lesson through the PowerPoint, (though you won't have the explanations.)  


3. Complete the activity sheets

Once you have watched the video, please complete the activity sheets to consolidate today's learning. Either print out and answer on the sheets or copy your answers into your book. 


Any problems, I am at home today so you can email me. I have Zoom lessons going on so give me a chance to answer. (Mrs G)


Reading Skills Activity


Today is the final day in our Oak Academy series on an Anthony Horowitz horror story, "A Career in Computer Games." If you have enjoyed the story, you might like to get the book, Horowitz Horror, an anthology of short, chilling tales.  Please watch the whole video and write down your answers. If you haven't already sent me your work to look at, please do so today.

Accelerated Reader


As you know, as soon as we went into Lockdown, Mr. Bradley instructed you to read, read, read. I have just checked Accelerated Reader records and discovered that the following children have not yet taken an AR test since before Christmas. You should be reading at least 20 minutes a day. That was the expectation in school and it is the expectation in Lockdown too. Run out of books? Not a problem, MyOn is there for you. 


If you see your initials here, I will be checking in with you next week to discuss your Accelerated Reading


ES, JS, GP, MM, NM, IJ, CH and KB