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22nd October 2020

Bees Class Home Learning

Firstly, we apologise for there being no homework last week. Always, towards the end of Term 1 in schools, it can be an interesting time however, particularly during this time, it has been eventful for all of us! Learning new things, developing new skills and being there for the class in their first term back, some of them for six months has been our priority. Whilst meeting parents over four nights via Zoom has been excellent and we appreciate your positive comments, it has been time consuming, hence the reason for no homework. However we are back over half term, giving you plenty of time to undertake the learning opportunities and 'Home Learning' below:


Prodigy Maths Learning

Many children have accessed Prodigy and have started to use this as a game. Should you need your child's login again, please do not hesitate to contact us. I have been particularly impressed with the following children who are using it regularly to develop their Maths skills:





Over half term, let's try to get a few more children learning from Prodigy! Please complete the 'Placement Test' and then start to answer some of the questions from it. Parents can help their child on using the programme!


Maths Home Learning


Over half term, all children were asked to complete some Home Learning linked to their understanding of the 'part-part whole model'. The actual homework is attached below- children only need to complete one of the 'staged' worksheets.

Click the image above to explore further what your children learnt in Maths during their last week at school- they can complete some of the 'video lessons' too if they would like to support their understanding...