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23/02/2021 Week Seven

Today is our RE day! We will not be doing any Maths, English or any other subject not directly relating to Religious Education.


RE Day topic: Ash Wednesday


There are going to be lots of activities below which must be completed. Ash Wednesday is a day of obligation and an important moment in the religious calendar.



Below is the YouTube link to the Ash Wednesday Mass at the Church, I would like you to watch it as we will also be watching it in class.


Mass of Ash Wednesday

Church Copyright Licence CCLI 528627Church Streaming Licence CCLI 146308Dear Friend! We need your help. In order to continue our Masses and Devotions we must...

Task 1:


Using the video of Jesus in the desert and the storyboard template, I would like you to create a storyboard to retell the story of what you have seen.


This should be done using writing, drawing and also colouring. 


Please choose the appropriate storyboard, I would say the first or second one is most appropriate. 


If you do not have access to a printer, you can fold a piece of paper or divide your page into the correct amount (probably 6-8 boxes) using a pencil and ruler.






Try to include some high level fronted adverbials and punctuation to really push yourself.

Storyboard Templates

Lent Cartoon Jesus in the Desert

"40" plus "How He Loves"I made this video to help my youth group students wonder what Jesus's experience in the wilderness was like. In my search I came acr...

Task 2:


Ash Wednesday Comprehension


Open the link and scroll down to page 12-15  Read the text and answer the questions that follow. Answer fully and then check the answers on page 16-17.

DO NOT answer the questions on earlier texts.

Task 3:


Usually, when we think of Lent. We think of giving something up, whether that be crisps, chocolate, Xbox, Fortnite etc. 


I would like you to think of something you could take on. Something which would benefit the lives of the people around us.


For example,


1. I would hope to be more patient. I would do this by....


2. I hope and pray to become more resilient because when.... I hope to do this by....




I would like you to write a prayer asking God forgiveness and asking for His help to adapt and become a better person by taking on something, which will benefit and support those around us.

Task 4:


Think critically about the video of Jesus in the desert.


I would like you to create a list of great questions about the video, for example:


Why is the devil and Jesus the same person in different colours?


You should then start to think about how you could answer them using all that you have learned in the past.


You could use a table like the one below to display your work.


Questions  Answers
Why is the devil and Jesus the same person in different colours? It is possible that the devil is a representation of all that we see negative in our lives. We live by free will and it is therefore important that we think about what we do with this. We must make good choices.