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English - Why are dinosaurs extinct? 


1. Have a conversation with your child about why they think dinosaurs are extinct. You may have to explain what extinct means to them (or look it up in the dictionary together). Ask them to write a short sentence explaining why they think are extinct.


2. Do some research about the theories of why dinosaurs are extinct. Discuss these theories with your children and ask them which one they think is true. 


3. Can you child make a fact poster explaining what happened to the dinosaurs? They could draw a picture and write a sentence about it. They could draw a picture and label it. Be creative. 

Remember - with any writing let the child 'stretch out the word' and write the sounds they can hear. In Year R as long as their writing is phonetically plausible it is acceptable. Use the sound mats to help them find the sounds they can hear. 


Please upload photos of these activities to EExAT. 


These tasks should last the whole week so please don't rush to number three. Spend time talking and drawing before jumping to the writing. 


Maths - Addition and Subtraction 


We have spent a couple of weeks on addition and subtraction in class. Can you find three ways to work out the following sums? For example, you might want to use socks or stones from your garden, you may want to use a hungry sock puppet when you are taking away. Try and keep the activities practical and fun with lots of opportunity for the children to talk about what they are doing. 














Feel free to adapt the number sums to support or extend your child's learning. 


Challenge: Can you record your number sentence?


Whilst completing these activities there are many opportunities to talk around numbers, for example, you can talk about odd and even numbers, doubling and halving, the number zero, which number is the biggest/smallest, which number you lock in your head to count on or back, number bonds to 10. All of this helps children to make sense of numbers and helps them to develop early mathematical skills and language. Make a note of some of these conversations and upload them with pictures to EExAT. 


Further activity Ideas: