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Today you will be starting a research project. The children at school will also be doing the same project.


I would like you to research the Ancient Kingdom of Benin which was located in Africa. 


As we begin our Africa topic this is an important part of our learning, therefore, I have attached lots of links below which have some great research information. You may use those or seek out other information.


I suggest, If you are going to find you own, using - This is a child friendly search engine which is great to use. 




Plan your research project, Identify what you will be researching and start to plan your project.




  • A minimum of 750 words. It can certainly be more.
  • Span across many pages.
  • Either handwritten on plain/lined paper or written onto Word/Publisher (equivalents allowed)
  • Pictures to be included whether they're drawn or printed out.



The project to span across a wide range of parts including (but not limited to):






Leaders/social structure


How they lived

What happened to the people of Benin? 

Where did they live?


I have just listed a couple of choices, but there are many other things that you could choose to research.


It is also vital that you do NOT just copy and paste from search engines/books. It is important to put the work into your own words otherwise you will not learn from this.



Maths Lesson Week 7 Lesson 1

Maths Teaching PowerPoint

It's Star Reading Test time!!!!


Please complete by NEXT Friday - 5th March (the sooner you do it, the sooner you get your new ZPD range!)


It is time to take your termly STAR reading test. Instructions are given in a link, together with a PowerPoint to remind you what is involved. Once you have logged into AR, you should select Star Reading (first blue tab) and follow the instructions in the instructions I have given. Remember, the test should be taking between at least 16 minutes and 30 minutes to do yourself justice. In this test, the better you are doing, the longer the test will be taking. As you know, if you rush, the chances of your ZPD going down increases dramatically which is often a big disappointment. 


Also, you cannot ask for help or use a dictionary. If you do not know an answer, let the question time out, DO NOT GUESS. 


The MyOn data is showing that most of you have never logged in. When you do, you will need to give smiley faces in a survey to show your reading interests. There have been optional assignments available for you to do  Unbelievably, there are still some children who have not completed an AR test since we were last in school. (December) This is now of considerable concern as this is data we share with your secondary schools.


Any problems logging on, please email Mrs Griffith ( straight away,

Direct Link to our login page.