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24th September 2020

Your Child's Home Learning

Today, your child will have received their 'Home Learning' book for the first time for this academic year. The way, in Year 1, we will be completing homework is as follows:


  • Every Thursday, the children will receive their 'Home Learning'. They need to complete their 'Home Learning' in their book and bring it back for the following Tuesday. So this weeks 'Home Learning' will be due in on Tuesday 29th September.
  • Once the books are handed in, the 'Home Learning' will be looked at on Tuesday/ Wednesday and then handed back for the children ready to go again on Thursday. Often, dojos will be awarded for their homework!
  • From our previous letters which are on the class page, it shows parents the expectations of 'Home Learning' in Year 1. As the children are still quite young, 'Home Learning' should be a collaborative process. That means parents and children working together at it and not the parents 'doing it'.
  • Children will be expected to read regularly as well in Year 1 with books changed on a Tuesday and Thursday in line with COVID guidance. Please read the book with your child a few times- we will not change books otherwise. This is because it helps your child to build fluency and familiarises them with key words if read more than once. I hope the below image helps you to understand why reading is so important!
  • Some of the information will be in their books and information on how to complete homework for parents will be on the class page. We wish to continue to use this platform. No tears with homework please (that is both the children and parents)! It really is not worth getting upset about!


This weeks homework for the Bees Class- Thursday 24th September 2020


Share a Story- A Seaside Story

For this weeks 'Home Learning', I want you to share at least one seaside story together. Stick a picture in your 'Home Learning' book of you sharing this seaside story with your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister etc. Mr Burchett used to love this book when he was younger, so if you don't have a seaside story to share, you can listen to this one...


Maths Learning- Counting Activity

Click the image above to take you to the 'White Rose Maths' website. Click on the Week 2- Counting Activity Video so your child can show you the sorts of things we have been learning in class. Can they watch the video and answer some of the questions? They can either write the answers to the questions in their 'Home Learning' book or, as parents, you can just comment on how they got on.


If you can find them, we have completed all of the Week 1 and 2 sessions, so you can watch the videos with your child if you like to see what they have been learning. For those who want an additional challenge, this is in their homework books.


Handwriting Practice

We have really been working hard on the children's handwriting in school this week. Our final challenge we would like the children to complete this week is for them to practice their handwriting skills. They can do this in their 'Home Learning' books even without the lines! Click the image above which will take you to the website which will help you. Today, we will be focusing on the following letter patterns:


Straight line - Continuous Cursive Letters

We have worked on i in class, so I would like you to work at l and t. The sheets you will need to practice on have been placed in your books. Just keep practising these!


Topic Homework- Our own 'Bees Class Seaside Experience'

To be handed in by Tuesday 13th October 2020

We have loved learning about the seaside and the beach this term so far. Some children have bought in some photographs of them over the summer at the beach or since they have been back at school and I will start to add these to the class page in due course. Remember to send these over to us! It is getting a little colder now for this topic, but it might be you want to take a trip down to the beach, take some photographs and send these in.

Each term, children will undertake a larger piece of homework related to their topic which is hopefully 'fun for all of the family' and so they can all get involved. The week before we finish the topic, we would like to create our 'Bees Beach Scene' on the school playground for all of our Bees parents to see at the end of a school day. To help us to create this for the children (and hopefully a memorable experience) each child has a challenge which is:


Make a 3d object of something you might find at the seaside. You might want to use junk modelling, papermache, salt dough or modelling dough.


Have a look at some of the photographs below which might inspire you in your ideas...