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25/01/2021 Week Four

Maths Lesson Week 4 Lesson 1

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Vendredi 22 janvier 2021

The second lesson is about school subjects.

We will learn them and give an opinion about them.

Of course, you all love French!

Look at the PowerPoint for the vocabulary.

The worksheet is next to it.

Bonne chance !

M. Maillard





Please undertake the second lesson in French, it will be about school subjects. There is an activity for you to complete, please follow the PowerPoint that is on the French page via the link below called 'French'.

Reading Activity


Today's Reading Activity can be found on the linked PowerPoint. Read the texts and answer the questions in your book. 


Note: My reading group have seen the text already but the questions aren't exactly the same as the ones we discussed. 

Darwin's Dragons by Lindsay Galvin 

I love reading as you know, but it is rare for a book to captivate me so much that I can't put it down. This book links so well into our topic that I absolutely have to share it with you. It was only published on 9th January and if you have earned a treat or have a bit of Christmas or pocket money left, I urge you to get yourself a copy. It is BRILLIANT. Despite dropping it in the bath, I read it from start to finish on Saturday.  It was that good.


Lindsay Galvin has combined fact and fiction in an adventure so vividly drawn that the fantastical feels possible. 


It is 1835. Syms Covington is assistant to the naturalist Charles Darwin, he is helping his master in the gathering of specimens. A storm breaks and  Darwin and Sym are swept overboard. Whilst Darwin is saved, Syms finds himself washed up on a volcanic island. Alone. From this dramatic opening our young Robinson Crusoe struggles to cope with no water, very little food and a lack of shelter. He knows he must try and survive somehow until his master and the crew come to rescue him but the situation then becomes even more dangerous than he anticipated with the arrival of a huge and terrifying beast. However Syms is not as alone as he thinks and assistance is close at hand in an unusual and unexpected form.


There are aspects to this story that resonate strongly today. Charles Darwin’s scientific discoveries were greeted with scepticism by many initially and he waited many years to publish his findings. It made me think, what if Sym's discoveries were real too? Who am I to say it didn't happen? 


The book itself is beautifully packaged and the cover opens up and incorporates maps and images of Darwin’s works adding to the feel that this is a journal. There is information about the people and the places featured in the story at the end of the book and an interesting interview with Lindsay Galvin plus a timeline of events. I can't recommend this enough.