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Maths Lesson Week 6 Lesson 2

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Today, I would like you to write your introductory page to your research project about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.


In class, we will be using the document below as a tool to help us with the information required.


It should outline what my project will be discussing and going into detail about.


An example of how it should start could* be the following:



The Benin Empire was one of the most amazing and interesting entities throughout history. The Ancient Kingdom of Benin was situated in the South East Coast of West Africa, an area forming part of modern day Nigeria. Long ago, the period from 900-1,200 AD saw the Edo people lay the foundations for what would become the African Kingdom of Benin. The period of time mentioned covers the first dynasty of the Edo under their rulers the Ogisos. As it the people grew and prospered, the Benin Empire was as its height between 1,300 and 1,700 AD. This is something which is particularly interesting and I will be going into more detail as to how this came about later in my project.


-This is JUST AN EXAMPLE. If I were to continue writing this it would continue for another paragraph or two, this would not be a finished introduction to my project but merely an example and a start to it.

Introduction - Research

STAR Reading Test


If you have not done this yet, refer back to yesterday's class page learning (24/02/2021)  Please ensure it is done as soon as possible. Well done to those of you who did it yesterday. Some good scores - however, some of you did not heed our advice and rushed the test which will be reflected in your new ZBD. I will notify you of your new  ZBD as soon as I can. 

Reading Skills Activity


Watch the animation from the link below. 

Before you watch the whole video, pause at 0.05 (immediately after the name Zahra appears) and PREDICT what the animation may be about – use the image and soundtrack to help you. Write your prediction down.


Then, watch the video fully (more than once) and answer the questions with lots of detail with reference to the film 


I WOULD LIKE THIS WORK TO BE SUBMITTED TO ME as it will be used as assessment, alongside your STAR test.

Zahra animated short film