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Maths Lesson Week 6 Lesson 3

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Today, you will be writing the first of the categories/topics of your project about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin.


  • This should be about 1-2 pages of writing and pictures.
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For example:


I have chosen to write about how Benin became an Empire and what lead to its demise.





Around 1440, Ewuare became the new Oba of Benin. He built up an army and started winning land. He also rebuilt Benin City and the royal palace.

Oba Ewuare was the first of five great warrior kings. His son Oba Ozolua was believed to have won 200 battles. He was followed by Oba Esigie who expanded his kingdom eastwards to form an empire and won land from the Kingdom of Ife. Ozolua and Esigie both encouraged trade with the Portuguese. They used their wealth from trade to build up a vast army.


The fourth warrior king was Oba Orhogbua. During his reign, the empire reached its largest size. It stretched beyond the River Niger in the east and extended west as far as present-day Ghana.


Oba Ehengbuda was the last of the warrior kings. But he spent most of his reign stopping rebellions led by local chiefs. After his death in 1601, Benin’s empire gradually shrank in size.


By the 1800s the Kingdom of Benin began to lose power and the Obas struggled to rule their people.


Benin was also under threat from Britain. The British wanted to gain control of Benin so they could get rich by selling its palm oil and rubber. The Oba tried to stop all contact with Britain, but the British insisted on their right to trade.


In 1897 a group of British officials tried to visit Benin. They were sent away because the Oba was busy with a religious ceremony, but they decided to visit anyway. As they approached the borders of Benin, a group of warriors drove them back and several British men were killed.


This attack made the British furious. They sent over a thousand soldiers to invade Benin. Benin City was burnt to the ground and the kingdom of Benin became part of the British Empire.




If i was writing this as my own project, I would include pictures/diagrams of all kinds to illustrate what I am talking about.


This is also mostly copy and pasted just as an example, it is so important that you put it into your own words.

Reading/SPaG activity


Today, we are revising clauses and phrases which many of you struggle with. Watch the teaching PowerPoint (in slide show mode or it won't display properly). Then read,  "The Shadow" and complete the activities on pages 2-4. This is an activity about identifying clauses. The document is in word format so you can use the highlight function in word to highlight the text where asked. 

STAR Reading Test


Just a few of you to complete this now....


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If you have run out of things to read, Oak Academy have a growing range of popular reads available in their e-library. However, don't forget MyOn (some of you have still not been to the site)