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26th November 2020

Prodigy Maths 

We have sent home childrens Prodigy Maths login again. I can see that some children have engaged in this Maths learning already this week. Can I please ask that all children complete at least the placement test over the coming week or so. Spending some time on the programme each day (little and often) will be more beneficial to your child. We are happy for parents to support them on the programme as we are aware it might be slightly complicated, at times, for pupils of this age. Good luck Bees!



The children have also received their Numbots password. Many children will have used this programme during Lockdown. By using this programme, it gives the children opportunity to undertake Maths problems at an age appropriate level. We are happy for parents to support them in using this programme, and would actively encourage it in most cases!



Epic! is another programme I have used in the past and we have provided the children with a login and username for this. Epic! is a reading programme which will provide for the children more opportunities to read a wider range of book at home and over the Christmas holidays! I hope the children enjoy sharing their experiences of reading with you...


Phonics Learning

Please explore our newly updated Phonics area on our class page. Phonics will form a massive part of the Year 1 curriculum this year- there is a screening check towards the end of the year. I cannot impress enough on parents how much children learning their sounds now supports them with their reading, writing and spelling development long term. For multiple homeworks this year, we will direct you to this page in order to progress your child's phonics learning further...


Nativity lines...

The children are doing incredibly well with learning their lines for the Nativity production. We are now into our final push for this, so please ensure they have learnt their lines in preparation for Friday's recorded performance. We hope that this will be an incredibly joyful moment for you as parents to watch your child perform at the end of a particularly difficult year...