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Below is a maths quiz (Kahoot) this is a really fun activity that I would like you to start doing. Please do the quiz today and you will see your place in the class as you get the questions right/wrong. Just click the link, roll and create a name and start playing.

Maths Teaching PowerPoint

Maths Lesson Week 4 Lesson 3



Please watch the two videos below and complete activities that are required when watching them. 



William Morris was a Victorian artist and a contemporary of Charles Darwin.


Click the link to view the lesson. The PowerPoint will be on Google sides via the link, but will only be needed if you can't access the video or need to see some of the steps again.


Finally, there is a download pack which will have the grids, tasks and additional resources you may need. You will be choosing two of four tasks to complete


Everyone will need: several sheets of  A4 plain paper - (also, if you can find one sheet of plain paper that is bigger than A4 for the final task, that would be great. If not, you will use A4,)  pencil, ruler, colouring pencils, scissors


Some of you will need: polystyrene or corrugated (thick) cardboard from a box, string, pva glue, paint brush, paint

If you enjoyed this, here are some Morris colouring sheets....

Drama Club?


Mrs Brown has given me permission to try and set up a Zoom Drama Club. It would involve scripts, drama games, social interaction and performance. I would like to know how many of you might be interested? If there are children currently in school who are interested, I would probably run it as an after school club once a week. If it was just children at home who were interested, we could maybe hold it after the afternoon check in? The day and time will be arranged later once I know if there is enough interest. Please email me before Friday if you would like to take part and let me know your preferred day and time - no promises.