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End of Block Assessment - Algebra

End of Block Assessment - Algebra ANSWERS

Algebra Test - Going through answers

Science Lesson Week 4 Lesson 4



Last week we were working on how light travels.


Everybody carried out a small experiment to work out which materials allowed light to pass through and what shapes were created when an opaque material blocked the light.


Today, we will be looking at how we can angle light and move its direction to reach a final destination.


There is a small game below which will give us an insight into how light travels, this is a smaller scale version of the science experiment the class will be doing.


Use this as a starter to base your ideas, how far will you get?

Examples of Light Travelling

For a science activity, try the following:


Have a toy on your bed/on the top of the stairs and try to reflect it using several mirrors so you can see it on the floor/bottom of the stairs.


This is a great example of how light travels, you'll be able to see whether the mirrors are reflecting the toy because you'll set it each time in each mirror.


Afterwards, you should draw the following pictures:


Draw one light source and one eye and draw a line with an arrow of which way the light is travelling.


Draw the light source and the eye (but there is a wall infront of the eye) Use mirrors to reflect the light to go around the wall and into the eye.


Draw an example of the experiment you should be doing at home, the toy on the bed/top of the stairs and draw how it is reflected and show arrows to show which way the light is travelling.



We are nearly at the point of writing our non chronological report, there are a few more lessons I would like you to watch and complete the activities. This is one of them:

SPaG -  I will reload this work for Monday as you have lots of work today, but I will leave it here for now as some of you may have started. 


Today's lesson will teach Active and Passive Voice - a year 6 learning objective. The use of passive voice is a formal tool that should be used in our non-chronological report writing.

  • You should watch the PowerPoint  (in slide show mode),
  • then watch the Smoke seller and complete the activity within.
  • There is also a worksheet to complete
  • and a further explanation video if you need it.