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Welcome to your second week of home learning! I hope you are all happy and healthy! I am enjoying seeing all of your lovely photos and look forward to even more this week. 

Parents, this week I will be emailing out individual reports for the children. On Wednesday, I would love to phone you and speak to you just for a quick catch up. If you have any questions about the report, this would be an ideal time to discuss it. I will be calling from a private number (just incase you normally ignore those calls!) so please keep an eye on your phone. 

I look forward to speaking to you soon! Take care!

Mrs Field 




Literacy Activity


Can you imagine if this picture was real?  After all of your research last week we know it can't be but let's pretend... Can you make up a story to go with it? What will your story be called? Could this be something to so with the egg that we found on our last Welly Wednesday walk? 


Top Tips for Writing Stories;

1. Talk about your ideas first.

2. Think about the start, middle and end.

3. Story map it/plan the story.

4. Illustrate your story.

5. Write the words. 

6. Have fun! 



Maths Activity 


This week we would have been briefly touching upon time. We start this topic by looking at our daily routines and trying to understand the concept of time. For example, we look at our daily timetable and say first we will, and then after that we will... This helps young children develop a concept of time throughout the day. This is important for them to understand before we start looking at the clock.


We have three days left of this term - can you help your child create a simple timetable for the next three days using pictures to show what you will be doing. 


Can you complete one of the practical activities found below to help them understand time, for example - how long does it take you to do 30 star jumps? How many times can you run to the bottom of the garden in 1 minute? How long does it take you to make your bed? Etc.


Further Activity Ideas and Guidance from White Rose: