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Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader and why are we using it?


Over the next few weeks, we will be testing the children to get them started on Accelerated Reader. Information will be sent out to parents in the coming week. This webpage will also be a place where you can find out more or ask questions. Teachers are still getting to grips with AR so I will be happy to answer any initial questions from parents - please use the contact form on the Reading Rocks main page. 


Also included in the Accelerated programme is MyOn which includes a huge e-library, personalised pages for your child, multi-themed non-fiction articles which the children can read, take a quiz  (separate from their class reading book) and score points. We will issue logins for this shortly.


We are disabling the ability to take AR tests at home  as we have noted that some children have taken tests for books they had previously read and haven't been recorded in their reading records. This is to ensure it is a level playing field for all our children. Children who have tested at home in this way have been recording lower scores than in school. Certificates and termly prizes will be awarded for children who achieve 3 x 100% on quizzes or who have read the most words. We aim to read a million words this term! 


I have added some starter information. Accelerated Reader is for FREE READERS from years 4,5 and 6 only , although free readers from Year 3 will also be included. 

Are our books at home on Accelerated Reader?


If you are reading books from your home collection or want to chose a book when out shopping, use the AR bookfinder to see what book level has been allocated to your chosen book. If you finish a book at home and you have been including it in your reading record, you can take a quiz on it. This applies to newly completed books, not books you have read in the past.  Your ZPD reading range is inside your school reading records.