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Additional Learning Material

CGP New 'Home Learning' Activity Books

Click the image above in order to engage in more learning from home resources from CGP. They are costed but definitely worth a look...

Headstart Activity Resources

See the attached learning booklets below from 'Headstart Primary' which will be a useful addition to your child's Remote Learning provision...

First Aid Champions


Click the link above to work on and develop your skills in first aid during this extended period away from school. Your parents can take the lead and help you with this. You never know- you could save a life!

Life Skills- attached is something which Miss Ireland passed onto me. Can you tick off all of these 'life skills' to learn at home whilst you are not at school?

'Operation Bletchley' here we come...

The country needs your codebreakers now.

Virtually cover 50 miles on foot in 31 days, from Bletchley Park to the Cabinet War Rooms in London, using a phone or fitness tracker. STOP.

Receive updates and codes to crack at regular milestones, direct to your email inbox. STOP.

With levels to suit every age group, Junior, Codebreaker, or Cypher Expert, the whole family can play their part in this effort. STOP.


For advanced operatives - a challenging 100-mile mission behind enemy lines in France. STOP.

The mission begins on 1st July 2020. STOP.

Click the image above to see more about the challenge...

Support from CGP/ Amazon

Click the images above to understand the support CGP and Amazon can provide for parents during this difficult time. Primary Activity Sheets, Free Kindle Books etc so it is definitely worth exploring...

Learning by Questions at Home

Yesterday, I found a really useful resource for children to explore at home called 'Learning by Questions at Home'.  Here is some more information and if you click the picture, you can be taken directly to the website. Good luck exploring!


LbQ has hundreds of online classroom resources that children can work through at their own pace while receiving marking and feedback as they go. In the current uncertain climate, parents are looking for effective learning resources to educate their children while they cannot attend school. Why not keep the children occupied with high-quality questions that boost learning and grow confidence?

Explore Learning Remote Learning Support

Click on the image above which will take you to some resources provided for parents/ children during this time by 'Explore Learning'.  They call their platform 'The Club'. In addition, they include an article entitled 'supporting your child's education at home'. Click below for some tips and tricks.

Keeping Healthy 'Home Learning Pack'

During these unprecedented times, one of the key messages for children is to 'Stay Healthy'. This pack contains activities which encourages children to think about their health and to take care of it, particularly whilst they are not at school.

Lessonable- A website to support parents while home schooling

Click the picture below to bring you to a really useful website! Lessonable compiles all home schooling support resources under one roof! Below this are some additional websites you might wish to have a look at whilst you are homeschooling. There are also some in each individual subject section! Good luck...

National Curriculum Learning Resources

The National Curriculum company have had numerous queries from parents over the past few weeks with regards to 'Home Learning' and activities for completion in order that children can stay 'on track' with their learning. Here are some year group specific resources your child might wish to get their teeth into! They are all book based and can be delivered by 'Amazon'. Many are currently 'out of stock' but you never know, you might get lucky! Click on the image above to go straight to the website.

Premier League Primary Stars


The Premier League are trying to support us in our 'Remote Learning' as well. Hit the link above to see some of their interesting weekly challenges. This is particularly useful if you have a 'sports minded' child...


In addition, it is worth having a look at their additional resources (click the picture below)...


You might also want to try some of our 'Super Mover' videos of the week...


The School Run

This website provides parents with ongoing support for while their child is undertaking 'Remote Learning'.  By signing up, you can get resources delivered directly into their inbox for your child's year group in order to supplement the work we are currently undertaking online. Click the picture below to find out more...