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Afternoon learning

Pupil Report Comments

This afternoon, I would like you to take some time to write your pupil report comments. These are the comments that you write every year, that go on your report.

Things that you may wish to think about:

- What subjects like/dislike?

- A positive moment in your learning this year

- Your friends

- Anything important that would wish to include.


Remember, these are your own comments on your school year so far. Please do not  include things that happened in other year groups.

Also, they will need to be typed digitally, so that they can be copied into your report. You may wish to write them on paper first and then type them into a word document and email them. Please try to use your own words and spelling, I know this is hard with spell checker, but it is good to have an accurate comment from you, not what spell checker has corrected!

Assembly 1:15pm

Please join me at 1:15pm for the class assembly and check-in, on the usual zoom link.

See you then!