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We are budding bakers!

Zebra's Bake off!



Sienna has made rhubarb and oat muffins!

Malaika has been busy baking cakes and told me that she also did all the washing up too. Well done Malaika!

Yohaan has been doing lots of baking. He recently baked a cake for Aethan’s birthday. Happy birthday Aethan!

Kinga has been busy baking and measuring all the ingredients too. Well done Kinga!

Look at the brownies Bethany made!

Yohaan and Aethan have made white chocolate cookies.

Owen made a lemon cheesecake and did all the measuring too!

Damilola has made jam doughnuts!

Lola has been baking cookies!

Alex has been busy making bread.

Yohaan has been busy baking!

Rory has been baking cookies! See the ingredients below

Georgina has made a carrot cake shaped as a bunny!

Look at what Edwin has been baking!

Matthew and Emily made a cake for their Grandad’s birthday and celebrated over FaceTime.

Georgina has made Easter biscuits

Matilda’s cake
Lola is busy mixing
A rainbow and unicorn cake by Samanthana
Erin has been busy making cakes!
Erin and Ryan have been baking together.
That looks yummy Lola!