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Bird Box Project 2017



The Schools’ BirdBox project 2017 is an exciting opportunity for 

children to "give nature a home", and learn about the many birds that visit our school grounds throughout the year.

This picture shows a mother Blue Tit nesting on her eggs!

How appropriate just after Easter!


The project is managed by the South East Learning Associates.  

Streaming started in mid March and will finish at the end of June.

It is an exciting project that gives our children the unique opportunity to watch live footage from inside our bird box.  Children can also learn about the feeding habits of the many birds

that visit our bird feeding station.

This is the third year that St Teresa's Catholic Primary School has taken part in this project.


Click on this link to the BirdBox website: 


On the website, please click on the 

“Live Streams” tab at the top,

then scroll down to click on one of our

two school logos. 

(One is labelled Bird Box; the other is Feeder).


We are now streaming live video of both the feeding station and the bird box to the internet 24/7.



Our bird box is fastened to a large tree

near the playing field.  

We are expecting Blue Tits to nest here.

There is a camera inside the box that has night vision.



Our feeding area is outside the year 3 classroom.

We have hanging feeders for peanuts, mixed seeds

and fat balls.

This camera also has night vision.




These are some of the birds and animals that we have seen at the feeding station:

When you are on the BirdBox website, click on the PUPIL ZONE.

There are many activities for everyone to do and make at home.